Welcome, and well met!


Welcome, one and all.  I see you have found your way into this odd world I call home.  You are about to enter my humble sanctuary.  My name is Mari, and I walk the path of the völva.  I have a few things that must be understood about me, before you proceed further into this blog.

  1.  I am not a master. I am not a guru.  I’m not technically qualified, by this world’s standards of modern education, to teach anyone anything regarding the shamanic path, having only been studying it in detail myself for several months.  However easily communication comes for me, I do believe there is an element of soul predisposition here that is assisting me in my journey.  I have always been able to fall into trance without much effort, and it took me most of my adolescence to realize that I was unconsciously travelling the middle world.
  2. I have seen the other side.  Suicide attempts, an accident I should not have walked away from, and an idiotic foray with a ouija board are among a few of the pathways to the other side; though, now this one knows there are far safer ways of journeying.  Now, I employ meditation, drumbeats, and other forms ritual to fall into trance.
  3. I am ALWAYS willing to learn, and conversely, I am willing to teach you as well.  If you have questions for me, ask them. If I am wrong, or misinformed, please, tell me.  Understand that hostility will be met with silence, and RUDE ignorance, dismissal.  I will educate and speak if I am asked politely.  The trolls need not bother to drain their energy, nor their keyboard lifespan, for the words they would waste upon my deaf ears.
  4. Yes, I am pagan.  No, I do not worship “the Devil”.  My primary pantheon is drawn of the Nordic culture and mythologies, and it is around Yggdrasil and the Nine Worlds, as well as seiðr magic, that I base much of my knowledge and practice on.  The rest of it comes, naturally, from the soul and my own personal travels with the Gods themselves.
  5. Doubt will do you no good in this world, and if that is the manner in which you approach me, it may be best that you do not stay.  I am open to sharing what I, personally, have experienced and know, but I will not spend time convincing one of my own soul’s true path.  My path is my own, and I walk it as the Norn (The Fates) show it to me.  There is not much that can be said beyond these convictions.

I hope you enjoy the journey with me! May your insights help guide my greater view of the world, and I hope that you and the Gods have much to teach me.  In my time on this Earth, I have learned one thing for absolute certain, and that is:

We will never stop learning.

The day that we stop learning…is the day that the soul dies.

This is one thing I know for certain.  That, and of course, that we are all to return from whence we came.  And at the end of it all, it will not matter how much money you made, or how pretty your wife was.  It will matter how your soul learned.  Have you learned? Will you learn? Or do you even truly want to?  These are the questions that I ask myself every day, and the path comes the realization that often, one does not want to learn.  But one MUST.  I must.  And so must you.

Humanity. Must. Learn.

It is our nature, and necessity.  And so…I ask that you come here with a mind to learn, or to teach.  Ignorance has no place here, for ignorance refuses to be enlightened.  Please, be kind, educate, and learn.  Have a wonderful day, and be blessed.  ❤